There are 40 Ranch Ownership Interests in Cross Pines Ranch. All have been sold and the Ranch is an operating ranch for its owners. From time to time, re-sales become available. Cross Pines Ranch requires that interested parties first submit an Application to join the Cross Pines Ranch Association. Cross Pines Ranch understands that its long term success and legacy depends on the quality of its owners, and it is important to each of the existing owners that future owners share the same respect and vision for the Ranch.

High quality land has usually been a sound investment over the long term. At Cross Pines, there is also a “lifestyle dividend,” which is non-economic, but equally valuable. Treasured time with family and friends in a special environment is something that Cross Pines owners quickly understand to be the true value.

The Benefit of Ownership - Life at Cross Pines Ranch is about connecting as well as preserving the many elements of the Ranch and its environment. It's about joining with family and friends at a ranch that will become a legacy for your family for generations to come

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