The Cross Pines Preserve is an area comprised of over 1,800 acres within the Ranch that is forever protected through a permanent Conservation Easement. The purpose of a Conservation Easement is to preserve the natural integrity and beauty of the land as well as the native plants and wildlife by restricting further development. Preservation and protection of the natural environment and resources is a significant part of the Mission of the Cross Pines Preserve. Through the Preserve, we not only sustain but also enhance the natural environment of the Ranch and its ecologically important areas by working to safeguard the Ranch's indigenous plants and animals that have always called Cross Pines home.

Cross Pines Ranch prohibits construction or development of any improvements in the Preserve, except for certain limited structures constructed for recreational purposes such as the equestrian facility, piers on the lakes and the gun club. Additionally, limited cattle operations, hiking, horseback riding and certain other recreational uses are allowed under the Conservation Easement. The Cross Pines Preserve is available for use only by the owners and their families and guests, or guests of the Ranch's owner association.

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